Jasmine Branford has achieved much success in her life, and it is still only the beginning! Being the oldest of 4 siblings, she's always trying to find new ways to lead by example. While in college studying to become a computer science engineer, she was feeling drained from coding, and right before graduation, she knew that her career was no longer of interest. The funny thing is Jasmine didn't choose network marketing it chose her. With the lack of experience in the beginning she felt her soul light up from helping others succeed in the industry with plenty of personal development and that was her new addiction. She's a world traveler so at any given moment she can be in a city near you.


At 25 years old she discovered her passion, and found a few more pieces of the puzzle to add to her future endeavors that make her say "Yes!"  Her free-spirited personality has left a mark on others. You only get one life, and Jasmine chooses to live it to the fullest, every day. Empowering young people is just one of the tasks that light up her life with joy. Life isn't always easy, but learning to take the necessary steps to your goals is all she wants from anyone who desires more. Break those generational curses! With her book Millennial Invasion, Jasmine wanted to express herself and send a specific message to millennials who want to find their way to success. Whether you are a millennial or not, but have found yourself feeling stuck, then this book is for you. 


Along with being a passionate marketer, who believes in helping you live the life of your dreams. One of the ways most 1 "percenters" change their life is through gratitude. Living life in gratitude and being a blessing to others can truly transform your life but you have to be ready for it. For beginners, I simply show you how to be a blessing to others by utilizing the number one industry in the world, travel. Learn to give every day and show gratitude if you really want to see a difference in your life. 


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